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Langara College in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada offers a Public Relations Certificate Program. Taught by PR industry experts, this real world program is intended to provide students with comprehensive skills needed for entry-level public relations skills with private sector, non-profit, government and association organizations. All students must successfully complete 360 hours of instruction, including a 36-hour on-the-job practicum for certification.

From small business to global commerce, the college offers a wealth of options for career training and specialization. In your discovery and creation of new opportunities, an engaged faculty will equip you with the skills you need to excel in your profession. Challenging and exciting, Langara College’s programs and courses focus on current trends,  innovative thinking and smart business strategies  that will set you apart in the business community.

Langara College provides accessible education that meets the needs of our diverse community.

The education and services provided are comprehensive, current, and innovative. Our curriculum is based on an integrated and cross-disciplinary approach designed to enhance the learner’s ability to apply and transfer knowledge.

We value and are committed to a learning and working environment characterized by encouragement, free enquiry, integrity, mutual respect, professionalism, recognition of achievement, and social responsibility.

Dedicated to teaching excellence, Langara College attracts award-winning instructors from diverse academic disciplines and backgrounds. We share a common vision of helping people find freedom through knowledge.

The faculty members bring years of experience to our classrooms – many are published authors, renowned artists, industry professionals, and/or involved in research, community initiatives, and international education.


The Public Relations Certificate program is a 12-week, intensive introduction to the proven techniques, tactics, strategies and tools of modern public relations practice. Apart from these there are other courses available in     Accounting, Business Administration (BBA), Business Management, Chinook Business, Financial Management, International Business Management, Management Information Systems, Marketing Management, Nutrition & Food Service Management, Recreation

Langara College
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