MBA in Communications

As today’s leading organisations pursue business opportunities and grapple with complex public policy issues, effective communication coupled with good public relations has never been more crucial. The development of new technology, the increasing needs and demands of informed consumers, the changing needs of diverse interest groups and a sophisticated public will add to the challenge of public relations today. The MBA in Communication & Public Relation meets that challenge, while anticipating the issue of tomorrow. This course provides the students with an understanding of different options that they may use in their future management activities. It equips them with basic management tools such as principles of management, accounting, marketing, financial and human resource management; and organizational management, thrust and strategy which they can use to their competitive advantage. This is strengthened by the major thrust in public and organizational communication and public relations practices.

If you work in communication fields such as media & advertising, journalism, public relations and you are looking to advance your career to next level, an MBA that specialise in communication prepares you for mid- to upper-level management positions in these communication career fields. It provides managers with the knowledge and skills to solve communication problems in the workplace, use new media to transform existing business practices, reach out to media and clientele, and manage corporate images.

Career in Media and Communications is challenging and you have to be always on your toes. It is generally 24×7 job. The prospects and growth is high along with tough competition in the industry with various media houses and channels coming up. The first job may not land you with attractive pay package like that of finance or operations job but further growth is noticeable. The job involves glamour and much attention.

Learning Outcome
The course aims to further educate individuals who have completed related degree programmes to incorporate principles of research in art and areas of communication that will help students to achieve professional results in aesthetic design and cultural arts. These can be incorporated into communication and public relations to reach a broader audience.

During the course, students will be able to explore the concepts and principles of management including roles, skills and functions. Besides that, the students will also look into the historical development, theoretical aspects and practical applications of the managerial processes. They will be exposed to the ethical dilemmas faced by managers and the social responsibilities of businesses.

The Course

This 2 year MBA program aims to provide a practical framework for planning, controlling and managing marketing communication programs along with general management principles and practices. The overall emphasis is on developing integrated advertising, sales promotion, public relations and internet communication strategies that build brand equity.

Students will be able to demonstrate business knowledge and skills, analyze communication problems, design research to solve communication issues, write and evaluate professional briefs, evaluate the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, display advanced skills in Public Relations and communication.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this course will find opportunities a Marketing Directors, Advertising Agents, Managers, Public Relations Directors and Public Relations Analysts.

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