MBA in Real Estate

Whether you just want to focus on locally based real estate issues or start a global real estate and development enterprise one step in the right direction can be getting your MBA in real estate. It can be a great career booster for those already working in the real estate field and an illuminating experience for those looking to make the switch. In other words, if you’re already a member of the National Association of Realtors and you’re already listed in the official real estate agents directory, this might be a way to separate yourself from the pack. Youíll learn the skills you’ll need to work with the changes currently happening in the real estate market as well as being prepared to work with any future changes that might occur.

Students should be prepared to take a range of general business courses that will help them emerge well rounded from the program, even with a concentration in real estate. Specialized coursework can include topics like real estate law, development and finance, estate economics, urban fiscal policy, policy and private development, international real estate markets and the aesthetic considerations of architecture. The combination of these general courses with more specific ones should produce graduates who are able to work skillfully on issues related to development, finance, investment, valuation, law and the regulatory environment and urban land economics.

The program exists to provide high-level corporate business administration with an emphasis on Real Estate and construction. Anyone wishing to pursue real estate development as a career should consider an MBA.

The course will help you understand the complex environments of consultants and their client organisations in real estate and construction. Lectures, discussions, role-playing activities and seminars will be linked with case studies to strengthen your decision making skills and practical analysis. Group assignments incorporate the personal touch that students can bring from their own lives into debates. More usually MBA students will have a pool of previous work experience in the business industry already and will utilise these skills in the classroom.

Everything you need to combine a sound knowledge of property with all the requisite business skills to make you a success is offered on a typical MBA course and their popularity means there are a wide selection of courses to choose from. One MBA course, at Ashridge Business School, has been ranked for the third year running as the premier MBA for salary growth. It has accreditation from the Association of MBA’s as well as AACBB and Equis. Other reputable courses are run at Oxford Brookes business school, Reading University, and the LSE.

Despite a seemingly shaky job market, and an even shakier property market, an MBA should easily pay for itself. If you get onto a course, you probably already have the skills, commitment, vision, and good work ethic to see it through. The cost of attending a prestigious business course can seem daunting, but your chances of walking into a high-paid job are markedly improved.

While the real estate market has unstable in some places, in others itís still flourishing, with low prices for land and buildings driving a healthy investment market. Those looking to work in real estate will find that there are still many opportunities out there for success upon graduation. Possible career paths can include upper level management at large real estate firms, starting your own real estate investment business, and a variety of specialty positions within the real estate market. Salaries for this kind of work can vary widely, and are often based partially on the overall success of the company involved. For that reason, it’s tough to create an estimate as some people will be pulling in salaries that are six figures and above, while others will make more modest amounts working in a different and possibly less risky market.

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