Reasons for doing MBA

There are many reasons to go to a B-school and acquire your MBA. Many people, howver can’t figure out why others want to submit themselves to that kind of pressure and stress. There are people who want to get ahead, and they know that obtaining their MBA is just another stepping stone in that process. An MBA, simply.  will show your future employer that you had the drive to go all the way and not stop at the first fork of indecision. These degrees help many people move into more desirable or higher paying career. They will also get a great deal of personal satisfaction after they finished the course.

Here are 10 great reasons to do an MBA:

1. After obtaining your MBA, you will discover the self-confidence that you never knew you had. You will be able to go into stressful situations and solve the problems right then and there. This takes some practice and some patience in viewing all the information presented.

2. The ability to earn more money than you are presently making in your current job is a big influence on many students. The typical graduate of college makes around $80,000 a year. After obtaining your MBA, you will get an increase of up to 50% making your annual salary around $95,000. You can also expect your earning wages go up to $28 to $50 dollars and hour.

3.  Having an MBA demonstrates your commitment to the business because you’ve invested the substantial time and energy required to obtain the degree. It shows that you value the business perspective and recognize that the technology you implement, support and develop is intended to enable business activities and is not an end in itself.

4. If you are tired of you current position, this may be a way to get out there and start earning more money and get a new job in the process. An MBA can give you plenty of opportunities to get the best jobs at the best companies. So don’t give up until you reach your goal of getting that degree.

5. An MBA teaches you to look at problems and opportunities holistically. It also provides analytical frameworks, such as risk assessments, cost-benefit analyses and strategic plans, that you can apply to any problem or opportunity you encounter, whether in or beyond IT.

6. If you are starting from the ground floor and opening a business of your own, that MBA degree will e in very handy. While obtaining an MBA, you will learn to plan for a business and acquire capital funds for your venture. The statistics show that people who have an MBA do 50% better than those who don’t. Their businesses flourish, while those without an MBA have trouble all along the way.

7. An MBA will also place you on the fast track to that top spot career you have been wanting. You get to develop your business knowledge, apply your own ethics and morals, and make the hard decisions that come with any high paying CEO or President position. People will look to you for answers to many problems.

8. The job security that comes with having an MBA is much better than those jobs that don’t require one. You have not only your work experience to assist you every day, but you also have the knowledge that the MBA course work gave you as well. This will give you much to fall back on when you can’t figure out a way to solve the problem at hand. Use real world and book ideas for all your solutions.

9. The last reason to acquire your MBA is the networking. While you are taking classes, get to know your classmates and what they do. Get their information so you can access it in the future. You may need one or more of them to help with a problem you are having at your own corporation. Having someone to call can be a great stress reliever if you can’t figure out what to do. They may be able to give you ideas and help you brainstorm.

10. You have chance to meet thought leaders, corporate executives and visionaries who come and speak (mostly for free). If you connect with them and build on that relationship, you have an unfair competitive advantage.

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