Scholarships in Australia

Financial Aid for an MBA in Australia is very difficult. You will have to arrange your own funds and if your parents have that kind of money – go ahead. Some universities may give students with good or exceptional backgrounds, a part tuition fee waiver. There are not very many scholarship options available for an MBA in the Australia. Almost all students who go for an MBA in Australia fund the related expenses on their own. >A Majority of international students in Australia are full-fee paying students. There is strong contest for the international student scholarships in Australia.

International students can apply for scholarships presented by the, education institutions and many other organizations. Scholarships cover a number of educational sectors with vocational and technical education, student exchanges, undergraduate and postgraduate study and research. Australian Government scholarships are not accessible for international students undertaking English language training in Australia but there are several English language training scholarships offered by Australian institutions.

Australian Scholarships

Australian Scholarships is a scheme of the Australian Government that brings as one and expands present scholarship programmes in the Asia-Pacific region managed by the Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID) and the Department of Education, Employment and Workplace Relations (DEEWR). Australian Scholarships also introduces a new AusAID managed programme – Australian Leadership Awards. Further information can be found at:

A brief synopsis of each of the module programmes of Australian Scholarships follows:

Endeavour Programme

The Endeavour Programme brings together under one roof the entire division of Education, Employment and Workplace Relation’s (DEEWR) international education scholarships. The Endeavour Programme showcases the distinction of Australia’s education, science and training sectors by bringing exceptional students, researchers and professionals to Australia to take on short or long term study, research and professional development in an extensive array of disciplines. It also encourages Australians to do the same when outside their own Country. For more information please can be found at:

Australian Leadership Awards

The Australian Leadership Awards (ALAs) focus on developing cream of the crop who can power social and economic policy reform and development outcomes in both their own countries and in the Asia-Pacific region. ALAs extend support for scholarships for post-graduate studies in Australia and short-term fellowship opportunities in specialized research, study or professional attachments through participating Australian organizations. Further information can be found at:

Australian Development Scholarships

Australian Development Scholarships (ADS) aspire to add to the continuing expansion needs of Australia’s partner countries to endorse good control, fiscal augmentation and individual development. ADS award people with the needed skills and comprehension to impel transform and influence the growth outcomes of their own country, during obtaining tertiary qualifications at participating Australian institutions. Further information can be found at:

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